Thursday, November 15, 2012

French Manicure x2

French manicure... where did that come from?  It's probably something completely obvious, like it was done first in France.  Anyhow, moving on...

For the last few days I have been doing a bit of playing with French tips (oh wait... haven't I done one of these already... yep... oh well...) and, being tired and having LOTS of laundry to do, I only took pictures of my two favorite.

Inside, not sure what kind of lights, but not natural lighting.  Note the green spots on my index, middle and ring fingers, not a problem with the camera, but the result of not using a base coat with Bayou Blitz.
 Classic white with a good clear coat.  Yes, it is NOT ORIGINAL in the least, but it is classic and classy.  And some days, classic is more important than original.  I used a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (available most anywhere, from corner drugstores to Walmart) and let me tell you, easiest french tips I have ever done!  This is three applications, with three coats of clear Essie "good-to-go".  One as base coat, one between the second and third layers of white (haden't decided about the third layer) and a last coat to finish it off.

I do have an interesting note on this... the pen has, in very small letters, a TO USE that is kind of interesting: do NOT apply to bare nails.  I haven't tried, so I don't know why.  This is apparently for the people (like myself occasionally) who don't want to take the time to use a base coat.  It is also important to use a good top coat, as this is designed to be washed off with just water if you make mistakes.

This was my other favorite.  I love the taupe of Essie "master plan", but after wearing it alone for a bit, decided it needed a bit more fun.  Enter Essie "turquoise & caicos"!  I love Essie, there is no denying it.  And while the tips are not perfect by any stretch, considering I haven't done tips with a brush in over two years, I think I did pretty well!

Natural light
I really like this combination!  It is a very basic color, with a little pop on the ends.  Not much I will admit, but enough to be fun and make me smile every time I saw my hands during my day full of housework!

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  1. I was going to click the "Like" button....but I love it! ....and the is NO like button.....and your nails in the second picture match that gorgeous quilt in the first.....I bet you made that!!!
    We need a get together....a nail get together!