Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Young Hero ~ Pretty & Polished

Today we have the other lovely I got from P&P a few weeks ago.  This is The Young Hero, also part of the Mathematical Collection and it is very pretty!  It is not as vibrant as Pebbles, but it is fun and happy all the same.

It is a white base, full of different glitters of varying sizes.  In the small size we have light green hexes and light blue squares. In the tiny size we have yellow, dark blue, and (I think) a mid-range blue.

Inside, natural light
 This is three coats of Young Hero, finished off with two coats of "good-to-go".  Because of the large amount of tiny glitter, it does take more than one coat to get that super shiny/smooth look.

Inside, natural light

This is my favorite nail of the day.  I love the three green glitters in the corner!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Pebbles ~ Pretty & Polished

So, you remember the snow I was hoping would not come?  Yeah, it came anyway.  And with the snow came temperatures that drive me to wear sweaters and socks in multiples as well as leggings under my jeans.  I have been in great need of cheering up, and I realized I had just the thing: Pebbles!

This bright, eye-catching polish is another by P&P, part of her new Mathematical Collection.  It is a pink jelly base with pink and orange hex glitters and, thanks to tiny iridescent glitter, is very sparkly!

Inside, natural light
This is two (THICK) coats.  I am really bad at waiting for polish to dry, so I tend to do thicker coats than you really should (and while I am aware that really, the drying time is probably longer, I still tend to do it when I am feeling rushed).  I am reasonably sure that you could get the same affect with three coats done properly.  I finished up with one coat of Essi "good-to-go" fast drying top coat.

(Random note:  My poor nails!  They were so long at Thanksgiving, and then I ripped two of them down past the quick.  The only way to deal with it was to cut them all short, and they have not quite grown out again!)