Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Young Hero ~ Pretty & Polished

Today we have the other lovely I got from P&P a few weeks ago.  This is The Young Hero, also part of the Mathematical Collection and it is very pretty!  It is not as vibrant as Pebbles, but it is fun and happy all the same.

It is a white base, full of different glitters of varying sizes.  In the small size we have light green hexes and light blue squares. In the tiny size we have yellow, dark blue, and (I think) a mid-range blue.

Inside, natural light
 This is three coats of Young Hero, finished off with two coats of "good-to-go".  Because of the large amount of tiny glitter, it does take more than one coat to get that super shiny/smooth look.

Inside, natural light

This is my favorite nail of the day.  I love the three green glitters in the corner!

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  1. Hey, I think I would like this one. My nails are getting a bit stronger and they are staying long....longer!!! it a manicure day today?
    Heart hugs, Sweetheart!
    Betsy ;)