Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bayou Blitz ~ Pretty & Polished

This morning, I woke up with a migraine.  I decided that since I was seeing spots and feeling a bit green anyhow, my nails should reflect that.  Enter Bayou Blitz:

This is another fun one from P&P, and it is a statement maker!  I've worn it twice since I got it and it never fails to catch people's attention.  Admittedly, some people think it is a bit too green, but others love the vibrancy of it!

This is three coats, because I wanted it to be really bright, and the more layers you have, the brighter it is. (Please ignore my cuticles, I haven't had time to give myself a manicure!)   Today I didn't add a top coat, I love the ever-so-slightly-bumpy feel of the tiny yellow glitter.  Do make sure that a base coat is used with this polish!  The first time I used it I did not have a base coat, and the large green glitters stained my nails a little bit.  Nothing severe, and completely my own fault for being too lazy to put on a base coat, but something to be aware of.

So, despite the fact that my migraine is not responding to pain killers (you can only take so much Tylenol at one time), my nails are bright and happy.  And that makes me smile.

Bayou Blitz is available at the P&P Etsy store.

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